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Spiral Publishing's June Reads

Spiral Publishing's June Reads

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Spiral Publishing authors Kari Kilgore and Jason A. Adams have put together an exclusive bundle of six fiction stories set in June and springtime, and available this June at a special price! Check out the stories below, and be sure to grab your bundle of June Reads before it disappears at the end of the month!

June might fall toward the middle of the calendar year, but it's also a time of new beginnings. Kids graduate and move on, and college students do the same. Spring starts to give way to summer's heat. And it's no accident that so many couples choose June to launch themselves into married life.

Kari's bittersweet alternate world fantasy story "Wings of the Heart" brings us a different sort of launch. Mranes faces her own coming of age with excitement and a little fear on the day she'll learn much more about herself. Including her deepest desires for her new life. 

Jason's "For the Love of Books" is a cozy little story about books and those who love them, which comes as no surprise. An old collector learns about value, and a young boy begins his journey into all the worlds that exist upon the shelves.

In Kari's "The Road to Paradise Mountain," Ella stands on the cusp of capturing one of her own dreams a lot closer to home. Even she can't guess the adventures her passion for driving are about to deliver.

For a touch of mystery, "Fresh Blood and Old Music," Jason heads out west, where two Las Vegas detectives must solve a murder with only the most vague of clues.

Kari's "Decisions in a Dangerous Situation" introduces us to Hugh and Carolyn on the grand occasion of moving into their first proper home together. But this tale takes a sinister turn when a friend in need reaches out for help, and Hugh gets a chance to test his own mettle. 

Jason returns to Atlanta in "Dirk Knight: The Case of the Rustled Ranch." Aspiring private investigator Dirk takes on his most important case yet, striving to help a hapless chef when a favorite recipe shows up where it shouldn't.

We hope you enjoy our special, limited-time bundle of genre-spanning stories, and check back next month for your fresh batch of Spiral Publishing's Monthly Reads!


When trouble finds Barb Collins, Dirk Knight finds trouble.

A newly-minted Private Eye who throws himself into the job.

A newly-minted chef who knows good food.

Trouble drives them together in a case like no other.

Dirk’s solution promises them both sweet things to come.

An excerpt from Dirk Knight: The Case of the Rustled Ranch:

The door opened, and she walked in.

Dirk tried not to stare, but it wasn’t easy. She was a knockout. Five-ten, maybe six feet tall. Mid-twenties. Short mahogany hair curled across her brow and over her ears, flashing a few auburn highlights in the glow coming through the door. A pleasantly padded figure that made him forget all about the bruise on his knee. She’d been poured into a pair of yoga pants that clung to her curves like chocolate on a truffle. A forest green blouse with wide, lacy cuffs and a neckline lower than a politician’s morals completed the outfit.

“Are you Mr. Knight?” she asked in a voice that dripped honey and promise.

Spiral Publishing's Monthly Reads

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