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Stepping Out of Reality: Short Spells of Appalachian Magic

Stepping Out of Reality: Short Spells of Appalachian Magic

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Five Journeys Away from Life as You Know It

Mark gets to know himself and his family. And learns to take unusual warnings to heart.
Ella chases a lifelong dream. Never imagining the reality around the next curve.
Amy takes a bittersweet trip down memory lane. And discovers the past makes its own plans.
Paul celebrates a treasured best friend. Never suspecting a life-changing secret awaits.
Kay's Café serves up all kinds of comfort. But Kay wants to bring the taste of love itself back to life.

Life brings constant change. Transitions we all recognize in one way or another.
But sometimes those changes take us a step out of the ordinary. And into the world only glimpsed out of the corner of your eye.
Join storyteller Kari Kilgore on a fantastic journey through life's changes, and beyond.

Includes five new original stories: The Perfect Shade of Haint Blue, The Road to Paradise Mountain, Amy in Wonderland, The Lightning-Struck Wood, and A Taste Just Like a Hug.

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