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Spiral Publishing's July Reads

Spiral Publishing's July Reads

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Spiral Publishing authors Kari Kilgore and Jason A. Adams have put together an exclusive bundle of six fiction stories set in July and summertime, and available this July at a special price! Check out the stories below, and be sure to grab your bundle of Spiral Publishing's July Reads before it disappears at the end of the month!

We're officially entering the second half of 2024, and the heat is on in the Northern Hemisphere! Our seventh monthly short story bundle full of summertime reads at a special discounted price spans a bunch of genres, even more than usual. So you'll be all set to relax and read with a cool drink by your side, or snuggled up with a warm one in the Southern Hemisphere.

Either way, we hope you'll enjoy the escapes!

Jason starts the bundle off with When the Spying’s Done, exploring what professional sneaky people do between jobs, and what interest they might have in certain coworkers. And it shows us that even among secret agents, hope springs eternal.

Kari's tale The Earworms brings you into a small, close-knit town under an unusual sort of attack. One that takes the idea of an inescapable "song of the summer" to the next level, and multiplies the madness from there.

With Writing the Past, Jason follows a ranch hand reluctantly on the run, and what happens after he wakes up on a different side of history near a Nevada town with a very interesting hidden feature.

In The Perfect Shade of Haint Blue, Kari introduces Mark Hersch, a hero from her Voices Through Time series, during one of those endless summers of the teen years. An idyllic spell of getting to know himself and his family turns a lot more interesting than he or his beloved Papaw bargain for.

Jumping far into the future and far across the galaxy with A Real Hero, but with life struggles not that different from Earth-bound teenagers, Jason takes us to the planet Xantares IV. A boy on the cusp of becoming a man must make decisions about what path to take, whether that means following one of his parents or forging his own way.

And finally, in a much darker turn on the theme of growing up and finding your way to adulthood, Kari's story In the Company of Women travels to a small town led by a decidedly sinister group of women. Coming of age might mean gaining a great deal of power, but at what cost?

Happy summer, happy reading, and don't forget to check back next month for your brand-new batch of Spiral Publishing's Monthly Reads!


When the Spying's DoneWhen the Spying's Done by Jason A. Adams

Nothing Beats a Company Romance

Spies live exciting lives when in the field.

Like all soldiers, their downtime comes with fewer thrills.

Lena Bauer certainly thinks so.

Until she meets Major Adam Walton.

When the spying ends, will something new begin?

An excerpt from When the Spying's Done:

Major Walton had that estimable quality in their profession, Hollywood spy movies notwithstanding. He was a man who you wouldn’t remember five minutes after seeing him.

Unless he smiled at you. Smiled and laughed. Then his face lit up like sun glare off a canopy and made a girl’s knees quiver.

A pilot who’d cut his teeth in a Piper Cub from the age of thirteen, he’d gone on to fly three tours in Vietnam in F-4s before becoming one of the first A-10 instructor pilots. Somewhere in his quarters, he had a blue jacket full of brass and silver gewgaws, including the Distinguished Flying Cross with several clusters.

All before being tasked with testing what she and her fellow Company men and women brought back from behind the Iron Curtain.

The EarwormsThe Earworms by Kari Kilgore

Spiral Publishing's Monthly Reads

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