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Walking the Ghosts: A Voices through Time Novella

Walking the Ghosts: A Voices through Time Novella

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Amy Johnstone never imagined herself as a homeowner. Yet she finds herself with a set of keys in her hand. Outside a family house abandoned for the last thirty years.

And no earthly idea what to do next.

Decades away leave Amy uneasy in the woods outside Bountyfield, Virginia, unsure of friend or foe.

Unsure if strange things around her come from paranoia or from an eerie, frightening reality.

Can Amy put her family ghosts to rest in time to save her own sanity?

An excerpt from Walking the Ghosts:

Ghosts mark the passage of time in their own way.

“It’s all in pretty good shape down here,” Amy said. “Maybe that luck will hold with the rest of the house.”

Missy glanced back over her shoulder, eyes narrowed a bit but not giving a thing away. She led the way up the stairs and through the open trapdoor and into the darkness above.

When Amy stepped up onto the dark hardwood floor, she scowled at a curving set of deep gouges in the wide boards. She started to stay something to Missy, but stopped cold at the look on her face.

Missy’s full lips were compressed, and her eyebrows drawn down toward her dark blue eyes. She didn’t look angry, though, like Amy had just been.

Missy looked afraid.

“What did–” Amy started, then her gaze followed Missy’s.

She breathed in a sharp gasp of the thick, musty air.

Gouges weren’t the only thing marking the floor.

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