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Vive l'Amour

Vive l'Amour

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Vive la Resistance!

In war-torn France, the Resistance waits for Allied support.

Lt. John Adkins jumps from the sky on his first mission.

Lt. Josette Moreau catches him in her heart.

Together, the American and the Frenchwoman work to gather information ahead of the Allied invasion.

When danger threatens, will duty to country outweigh duty to l’amour?


An excerpt from Vive l'Amour:

“Have you seen this girl?” Gestapo #1 asked in French with a thick German accent.

He handed a photograph to John.

A photograph that could have been a fairy picture from a storybook.

Cold ripped through John’s gut, but he only shook his head, pointing at the bandage around his neck.

“So you have not seen her?”

He shook his head again.

The four Germans moved to the next person. And the next.

Getting closer and closer to the Café La Mirabelle.

And he had no way to get word to Josette.

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