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To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief

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Sheriff Larry Crabtree’s quiet Appalachian community hides a dark secret.

From sickly young girls to dying cows, life drains from Larry’s town.

Granny shares wisdom in Larry’s dreams.

Larry must unlearn his common sense and rational ways.

Belief must return if Larry hopes to save innocent lives.


An excerpt from To Catch a Thief:

Sometimes an old dog’s nose is the only warning we get of the weird critters that seep through the walls of this world.

The sheriff could see a massive black form coming from the trees toward the barn. He couldn’t make out what the thing was. It was…smudged came to mind. Indistinct. But the shape was wrong, somehow. It seemed upright, but he saw no limbs or head. He blinked, doubting his eyes when he saw the thing’s shadow leading it, between its body and the light from the house.

Like the shadow was casting the figure.

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