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The Worry Trap

The Worry Trap

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Sometimes transitions reveal more than than we imagine.

Marlene expects a bittersweet day, revisiting a house her mother no longer calls home.

Along with the joy of creating a haven for the next generation.

But her mother’s reaction exposes more than the passage of time.

Find out what happens when family secrets and worries can’t hide any more.

Originally appeared in Fiction River: Superstitious, 2019

An excerpt from The Worry Trap:

Revisiting childhood, and so much more…

“Hang on, Mom,” Marlene said, leaving her memories with her footprints and catching up. “That last step is tricky.”

“I guess I know how to go into my own house, Marlene. Even if I don’t live here anymore.”

Marlene smiled, nodding even though her mother was already inside. This was a happy occasion, and she was going to act accordingly.

Even if her mom got fussy along the way.

“How’s everything look in here for your granddaughter’s arrival?”

Her mother stood in the middle of the wide porch, hands on her hips, turning from side to side. The sunlight caught her short, permed hair, glinting off the silver highlights.

Marlene hoped her own chestnut hair would be exactly the same color when she finally stopped getting it touched up.


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