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The Sweetest Trouble

The Sweetest Trouble

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The Best Kind of Trouble

Josh finally brings his dream job in his dream city to life. Along with a sad stab of reality. His boyfriend stayed back home.

Keith makes a stop in his adventurous life, in a city he loves. Searching for a true connection that goes heart-deep.

Sparks fly the second they meet.

Will Josh and Keith find the excitement and the certainty they both crave, together?

An excerpt from The Sweetest Trouble:

“Is this gardening thing voluntary? Or all the new residents assigned a turn, like chores?”

Keith turned and blinked, then smiled. This wasn’t one of the informal garden committee. For one thing, nice as they were, none of them looked anywhere near this good.

Mystery Guy stood a little shorter than Keith, with thick brown hair standing up in the most adorable bed head mess.

Strong, but not gym machine strong. Actual activity and getting out and doing things strong. Keith’s favorite.

“Well, I just got here last night,” Keith said. “So I’m not sure if garden duty is only for me or for everyone new. They haven’t told me all the rules yet. I think they do that on purpose to keep the new folks off-balance.”

Mystery Guy grinned and held out a big, square hand.

“We’ll have to stick together, then.”

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