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The Seeds of Love

The Seeds of Love

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Virginia Evans and her best friend Maggie grew up together. From shy girl and wriggly puppy to confident woman and gentle old soul.

Now Maggie must go where Virginia can’t follow.

Unless a strange visitor holds the key.

A touching tale of woman’s best friend.

An excerpt from The Seeds of Love:

Virginia Evans sat cross-legged on the cold white-tiled floor, trying to ignore the ache in her heart and her backside. Her sweet dog Maggie, an unknown mix with a blocky head, floppy ears, and shaggy red hair that nearly matched Virginia’s, lay curled up on her thick, green corduroy dog bed that went everywhere with her now. Despite the permanent coating of hair and doggie smell that defied washing, Virginia wished she could share the orthopedic padding.

And she didn’t dare nudge her girl. She shifted to a less floor-bruised spot and stared into Maggie’s cloudy brown eyes, hoping for a miracle she knew wouldn’t be coming.

Even with the door closed, she heard the familiar din of human, canine, and feline conversation from the treatment area at the end of the hall. Virginia’s family had been bringing pets to this veterinary hospital longer than she’d been alive. Her own history with Maggie stretched back seventeen years to when Virginia was a shy teenager trying to contain a wriggly puppy, one who outgrew her lap way too soon.

The diagnostic tools and equipment had changed faster than she could keep up with over the years, especially with so many innovations coming from off-world technology. Still, the pale blue walls, angular black chairs, and huge selection of pet toys out front were exactly the same.

Maggie had gone through more than her fair share of the squeaky stuffed animals. She’d finally started keeping keeping her favorites over the last few years rather than shredding them to fuzz in a matter of minutes.

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