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The Magic Cat of the Hidden Springs Inn and Spa

The Magic Cat of the Hidden Springs Inn and Spa

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A cozy night of reading suits Henry Satterfield just fine as a Christmas Eve blizzard settles in.
He hopes no one shows up at the inn to disrupt his solitude.
Steve Lake fights the snowbound interstate and changing his plans to get home to Tennessee.
The prospect of a warm place for the night eases his disappointment.
Zortea the Magic Cat knows best when romantic sparks fly.
Will Henry and Steve heed Zortea's sensible advice or miss their chance for happily ever after?

Also available in the collection A Kaleidoscope of Cat Tales: Five Stories of Cats and People Who Love Them

An excerpt from The Magic Cat of the Hidden Springs Inn and Spa:

Exit to the Best Holiday Gift of All

Accommodations! Two big chain hotels, both probably booked solid in this storm. Steve squinted, trying to catch the text on a third logo that promised it was only 0.3 miles away.

The Hidden Springs Inn and Spa, complete with a cartoon image of steaming hot water. Steve groaned and closed his eyes for a quick second.

He didn't care one bit whether that meant a commercial hot tub, a hotel bathtub, or an actual hot spring. He wouldn't mind if the inn cost ten times what any of the chains did.

He couldn't think of anything he'd rather do than soak this rotten drive away. He'd call his parents and break the bad news once he was able to pry his fingers loose from the steering wheel.

Steve simply couldn't face one more mile in a freak blizzard tonight.

"Please, oh please, kind sir. Tell me you have room at your inn for one more wandering soul tonight."

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