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The Last Dragonkeeper

The Last Dragonkeeper

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Wyja, Senior Dragonkeeper of the Upper Abramshire Academy, tends to young dragons and keepers alike.

Each group challenging, and exhausting, in their own way.

Unwelcome change sets in when dragon birthrates drop to dangerous levels.

No one knows why.

Can Wyja solve the problem before it’s too late?

An excerpt from The Last Dragonkeeper:

The End of Dragonkind?

“Is it true?” one of the other girls said. “About no more dragons?”

Wyja wished she could sooth and reassure them, tell them  things far out of their control would be all right.

But only for a second. This was not the time for coddling young keepers far past such niceties.

“Relas speaks truth,” Wyja said. “The dragon birth rate is dropping. We’re trying to figure out why. Anyone else heard rumors from home?”

They all muttered, glanced at each other, and shook their heads. Only Relas and Leela stayed quiet. Wyja raised her eyebrows and held out one hand. Leela finally spoke.

“My parents are farmers, down in the great flatlands. They’re afraid they won’t be able to trade without the dragons. For fish or wood or healing herbs, many of the things they need.”

Wyja hoped this was a chance worth taking.

Letting the situation get much worse was definitely too much to risk.

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