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The Last Death of Angfil: A Soul Travelers Story

The Last Death of Angfil: A Soul Travelers Story

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A Particularly Wicked Ghost

Maude Morgan enjoys life in the tough mining town of Virginia City, Nevada. Surrounded by long loyal friends and allies.

But two desperate men on the run bring a fierce specter of Maude's past that threatens to destroy everything.

Can she manage to protect herself and all she holds dear?

Or will the past put an end to her future?

Part of Unexpected Histories, an Uncollected Anthology

An excerpt from The Last Death of Angfil:

A Most Unwelcome Reminder of Times Long Past

Maude folded the letter, tucked it into a pocket of her skirt, and picked up her cooled tea.

“May I ask how you became aware of the threat to your life, Mr. Evans?”

He stared down at his hands knotted in his lap, and Maude would have sworn a flush rose against his dark skin.

“I heard tell of the murder of friends of mine,” he said. “From before. Friends from the bad days, back in Georgia. Murdered in Richmond, and Philadelphia, and New York. Then Chicago, and St. Louis, and Denver. It was one of Jacob’s people that got word of what Mr. O’Day knew, after we got out here to Virginia City a week past.”

Mr. Fairfax—Jacob—gazed at Mr. Evans with a fondness Maude finally recognized and understood. These two weren’t simply friends or traveling companions. They meant far more to each other than that.

Mr. Fairfax confirmed her suspicions with his words and the heat of his tone. 

“The things William told me about his life…before, they aren’t fit for a lady to hear, ma’am. I’ll do anything in my power to make sure he’s safe from harm. That man that’s after him, Mr. Winters. He’s the very devil in the flesh.”

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