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The Inn, the Black Cat, and Two Halves of the Same Heart

The Inn, the Black Cat, and Two Halves of the Same Heart

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When the Cat Knows the Heart

Lloyd Fletcher loves the holidays at his grandparents' house. Full of comforting joy and cheer.
Until an unpleasant surprise changes things for the worst.
Suzie Bivens gets a great job at the new inn in town. A fun chance to earn money and start her own life.
Her grumpy new co-worker threatens to spoil everything.
But Lafayette the cat knows when all the pieces fit, as cats often do.
Will Lloyd and Suzie heed the real expert in matters of the heart?

Also available in the collection A Kaleidoscope of Cat Tales: Five Stories of Cats and People Who Love Them

An excerpt from The Inn, the Black Cat, and Two Halves of the Same Heart

Sometimes a Change in Perspective Makes All the Difference

"I'm here to help you, but I'm terribly late. Suzie Bivens. I'm sorry I didn't call. By the time I thought about it, I figured it would be faster to just change the tire than to run back inside to the phone. You must be related to the owners? They hired me to take care of the bookkeeping in the new year. I'm just supposed to help out with the open house today."

Suzie took a deep breath, realizing she'd blurted out way more nervous chatter than she'd meant to.
Lloyd blinked, then shook her hand with a warm, strong grip. He didn't look much taller than her five-foot-two, and his roundish face looked like it could be pleasant.

Friendly. Handsome, even.

If he ever actually smiled.

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