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The Heart Is the Strongest

The Heart Is the Strongest

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Two Hearts, Strong and True

Moving home to Lightning Gap, Virginia, brings the change Craig needs. Slower pace, peace and quiet, caring for his parents.

And a break from relationships that burn too hot and fast.

Sophie returns home to join the family business. Working outdoors, helping people, getting closer to nature.

Escaping a rough breakup soothes her bruised heart.

Will a lightning storm, a beautiful old tree, and chance bring them together?

An excerpt from The Heart Is the Strongest:

Whether Sophie used the biggest chainsaw he’d ever seen, operated the crane to move logs easily ten feet long, or gathered up a massive armful of branches, Craig’s gaze was constantly drawn  to her.

The air fairly crackled around her, from her gorgeous green eyes to her shining black hair. And her words and her expressions, the sharp intelligence she never bothered trying to hide.

That spark was one of the many reasons he’d left Atlanta. To give himself a break from relationships so intense they couldn’t help but burn themselves out.

Reset his circuitry, maybe, figure out a way to be with a woman or a man without getting so consumed. Giving all the intensity and drama up now that he was getting older made all kinds of sense.

Until he met Sophie.

And realized how much he’d missed that connection.

How much he honestly needed it.

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