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The Changes Cascade (Dispatches from the Galaxy)

The Changes Cascade (Dispatches from the Galaxy)

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In the middle of disaster, impossible strikes

Sue Warrell, Systems and Security Chief aboard Expedition Mission Bellagos, fought long and hard for a one-way trip.

Protecting the lives of over eight thousand people and the generation ship they call home.

As a failed systems update tests Sue and her team to their limits, a crew member’s disappearance pushes disaster into the impossible.

Can Sue solve the mystery before the Bellagos passes the breaking point?

An exciting race against time and technology!

A Dispatches from the Galaxy Novella

An excerpt from The Changes Cascade:

A Deep Space Disappearance

Evans took a deep breath. “Senior Tech McHugh is missing.”
“What do you mean, missing? In case you’ve forgotten, this is a deep space vessel, Evans. No one can get in or out.”
“I understand, ma’am. I made sure to investigate before I brought this to you. Just like you taught us.”
“I also taught you about the geo-sensor, didn’t I?” Sue tapped the tiny bump hidden in the hair above her right ear. “Mr. McHugh is an experienced member of our crew. He would not simply disappear, even if he could.”
“Yes, ma’am, the tracking screen was the first thing I checked. Pull it up if you could, please, and we’ll make sure.”
Sue’s eyes darted to the crew count, and her whole body flashed hot, then cold and clammy. 
“Eight thousand seven hundred fifty-three,” she whispered. “That can’t be right. Even if he were dead…”
She switched over to the specific report on McHugh, and a deeper chill ran through her. 
The yellow of Invalid flashed behind his name.
Not the normal green that every single other person showed, or the sad black of the deceased that Sue hadn’t yet had to deal with on Bellagos.
Not one other person showed that impossible status.

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