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Temporal Fallout

Temporal Fallout

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Las Vegas: Timeless City

Sylvester Dotson, homeless lawyer and lover of rooftop sleeping.

Until he wakes up somewhen else.

Sylvester finds himself the target of the authorities.

But what authorities?

Which consequences lie in Sylvester’s future?

Also available in Jason's collection Through the Squirrel Tree: Tales from the Jasonic Story Well

An excerpt from Temporal Fallout:

More and more oddball people rushed past him, heading toward the northwest corner of the roof. Some wore sparkly, rhinestone-studded cateye sunglasses. Some carried boxy square things that looked like old-time Kodaks on straps around their necks.

A flash of diamond-bright light appeared in the distance and flushed the sun away. Everyone oohed and pointed.

Sylvester hunkered, pulling his knees up to his chin.

The light dimmed a little, and a minute later the whole building shook like a big one had just hit the San Andreas.

Above the heads of the crowd, he saw a glowing ball of hell rising on top of a narrow column of smoke.

Was that a goddamn mushroom cloud??

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