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Sunlit Dispositions: A Hard Boiled Space Opera

Sunlit Dispositions: A Hard Boiled Space Opera

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Sometimes, only Alex will do.

A space station just exploded.

The Sunlit Spirit Empire calls in Alex, Free Troubleshooter extraordinaire. No last name needed.

Alex wades into the strange world of Sunlit Spirit intrigue, gamma blaster in hand.

Join Alex as he learns the deceptions behind the Truth.

An excerpt from Sunlit Dispositions:

I ran to the nav console, knocked some poor sap whose name I didn’t recall out of the chair, and punched the code for all ahead full.

The cutter shot forward like a cheetah that backed into a hot poker.

Straight at the ‘vette.


They must have figured we’d try something. A hail of particle beam fire tore through the Acceptance before we closed half the distance.

Dull explosions ripped through the hull, from the stern.

From the engines.

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