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Storms of Future Past Books One through Four

Storms of Future Past Books One through Four

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Follow the Storm

From dreams of the end.

To surviving the reality.

Life and death decisions.

Choices made only by fate.

Follow four generations and the families they find through nightmares and heartbreak, love and magic.

Includes Dreaming the Storm, Joining the Storm, Into the Storm, and Fighting the Storm.


Dreaming the Storm cover

Dreaming the Storm

The Storm Begins

Seeing the future: blessing or curse?

For Anne Fincastle, only the number of survivors changes. Few or none.

Anne knows the truth. In her heart, her mind, her bones.

Only Evan Griffith believes.

Can they make a difference for humanity, together?


Joining the Storm cover

Joining the Storm

The Storm Builds

Etan Griffith loves his life in Chicago, far from his native Blue Ridge Mountains.

Alex Collins escaped Wisconsin to a career he loves, in a city that welcomes him more than his own family.

Both seek the missing piece to their puzzle.

Dreams and patterns.

Restless and searching.

Then one snowy night sets their shared destiny in motion.


Into the Storm cover

Into the Storm

The Storm Strikes

Iris Rutherford’s paintings scare most people. Especially the strange ones.

Even in her hometown of Maple Ridge, Virginia, her own peculiar magic makes her an outsider in a town full of them.

Then Iris meets Gena Wallace, the first to understand. To see the visions, joyful and nightmarish, even before Iris sees.

Will they survive as Iris’s nightmares come true?


Fighting the Storm cover

Fighting the Storm

The Storm Breaks

Alex Collins and Etan Griffith thought love, hard work, and magic protected them from the end of the world.

Until heartbreak struck much closer to home.

Picking up the pieces brings new friends and new challenges. Threats unseen and unexpected.

Will the power of family bring them all through, together?

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