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Spiral Publishing's April Reads

Spiral Publishing's April Reads

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Spiral Publishing authors Kari Kilgore and Jason A. Adams have put together an exclusive bundle of four fiction stories set in April and springtime, and available this April at a special price! Check out the stories below, and be sure to grab your bundle of April Reads before it disappears at the end of the month.

And check back next month for your fresh batch of Spiral Publishing's Monthly Reads!

One of the best reasons to get outdoors in April (springtime in the Northern Hemisphere) is the amazing variety of flowers, along with wildlife stirring after the long winter. Many folks are stirred into romance and new adventures in cooking as well. So our special, limited-time bundle of April and spring reads features all four of those themes!

An Impossible Desert Flower cover

An Impossible Desert Flower by Kari Kilgore

When the World Goes Strange

Connie’s first time in the desert sends her into sensory overload.
So seeing and smelling the unusual comes as no surprise.
But when her suspicion turns from unlikely to impossible, Connie brings in an expert.
And realizes odd doorways pass into worlds she never imagined.
What secrets does the desert hold if you know how to look?

An excerpt from An Impossible Desert Flower:

Where the Strange Seems Ordinary

Connie resisted the urge to bring her smartphone out yet again to make sure she still wasn’t getting any signal. At the moment it was a remarkably expensive digital camera, holding the dozens of plant photos she’d already taken on this trip.

She turned herself out toward her personal undiscovered country and kept going.

After a few minutes, she stopped, hands on her hips, raising her nose to scent the air like a good hound dog. She’d tried to pretend she’d imagined it earlier, but now she’d smelled it too many times.

A campfire, clear as anything, with something that had to be meat roasting. And now...horses, as if she’d wandered into a sensory recreation of an Old West movie.

But she’d never seen any old rancher or cowboy movie that featured an enticingly sweet scent, much more like a lilac than anything that should be growing out here.

And yet again, just like that, the odd smells disappeared.


Vive l'Amour by Jason A. Adams

Vive la Resistance!

In war-torn France, the Resistance waits for Allied support.

Lt. John Adkins jumps from the sky on his first mission.

Lt. Josette Moreau catches him in her heart.

Together, the American and the Frenchwoman work to gather information ahead of the Allied invasion.

When danger threatens, will duty to country outweigh duty to l’amour?

An excerpt from Vive l'Amour:

“Have you seen this girl?” Gestapo #1 asked in French with a thick German accent.

He handed a photograph to John.

A photograph that could have been a fairy picture from a storybook.

Cold ripped through John’s gut, but he only shook his head, pointing at the bandage around his neck.

“So you have not seen her?”

He shook his head again.

The four Germans moved to the next person. And the next.

Getting closer and closer to the Café La Mirabelle.

And he had no way to get word to Josette.


Making a Change for the Stranger

Deb Powers, Otherworldly PI: Case #1

Meet the New PI in Town
Whether She Likes It or Not 

Deb Powers leaves her old life as a private investigator behind. Hoping mountain life in Estonoa, Virginia, suits her better.

Determined not to let her troublesome sheriff cousin draw her right back in.

Deb never expects an odd case of disappearing tools to sneak right past her common sense.

And open her eyes to all of the weird at the heart of her new home town.

An excerpt from Making a Change for the Stranger:

A Case Too Odd To Ignore

“That is more than a little strange,” Deb said. “I’m still not committing to anything, but what are you thinking? Want me to head over and check it out?”

Terri blushed, and Deb knew the truly big ask was about to step out into the open at last.

“Sure, that makes sense. But that really would be going back over ground we already covered. Trouble is we have so much ground to cover in the whole county that we’re short-handed most of the time. I don’t have anyone trained to do what you do. And yes, I do know you’re damn good at it.”

“Enough flattery, Sheriff Walsh. Cousin or not, cut it and get to the point. There have to be private investigators around here I’m sure.”

Terri held both hands up.

“Absolutely, and fine investigators they are. They’d be none too happy with me if they knew I wanted to bring you in instead. But the truth is there’s something strange here, Deb. I feel it, I know it in my bones. I don’t trust anyone besides you to handle this one.”


Somebot to Watch Over Me by Jason A. Adams

Good cooking requires love in the mix.

Matt Giordono hopes to crack the code of electronic love.

His new invention promises to revolutionize home cooking.

It also revolutionizes Matt’s home life.

Will the new love in his world prove a blessing, or a curse?

An excerpt from Somebot to Watch Over Me:

The pomodoro was rich and smooth, not bright and acidic like the canned stuff. The gnocchi had the perfect chewy bite. A sprinkle of basil and asiago finished the whole thing off.

About as far from the personality-less stuff a normal food rep spit out as Manhattan was from Mars.



He licked the last bits of sauce from the fork and tossed it back in the sink. Dropped the starch-resin bowl back in the unit’s RMC.

The gnocchi the NDM had given him was as good as any he’d ever had in a restaurant.

But it wasn’t his Nonna’s gnocchi.

Something was still missing.

It had no love in it.

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