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Shadows Mountain Deep: Six Appalachian Crime Tales

Shadows Mountain Deep: Six Appalachian Crime Tales

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A Mysterious Land Full of Shadows and Secrets

Private Investigator Helen Hartsock returns home.
Searching for a missing person hardly anyone misses.

A brutal murder disrupts Sheriff Crabtree’s holiday.
Now he must discover the different meanings of justice.

Regina Burke never expects trouble on a fine morning.
But trouble keeps its own schedule, and its own secrets.

A young trainee. An old mentor. A puzzling death.
What hangs above this happy home?

Carol and Sid work at the most unusual house in town.
But they never expect the surprise one snowy night brings.

John Barton returns home for the reunion of his dreams.
Dreams Pete Duncan begins to believe for himself.

Narrow valleys shrouded in fog. Vast forests full of unseen creatures and hidden depths.
Proud, independent people, fiercely loyal to each other, often suspicious of outsiders.
A natural setting for a journey through crime and justice, death and revelation.
Join Jason A. Adams and Kari Kilgore on a trip into the hidden heart of their mountains.

Includes The Definition of Crime, Discovering the Obvious, A Race Against Tea Time, The Number One Killer, Adventures in Winter Driving, and Reunion and Redemption

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