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Plurapod Pathogen: Empire Revealed ⋇ Book 1

Plurapod Pathogen: Empire Revealed ⋇ Book 1

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A gripping adventure of new worlds and unknown alliances.

Hard work on an aqua-farm orbiting beyond Jupiter with her plurapod companion Les suits Seetha Deergatcha just fine.

Calvin Seuma spends his days tending the fisher fleet on distant Ajar 12, working the seas with his plurapod friend Bel and aquatic Ajarans.

A strange harvest awaits. One with ancient and dangerous origins.

Can they survive a threat from light years beyond the range of humanity?

An excerpt from Plurapod Pathogen:

A Deadly Threat Out of Nowhere

“We need to figure out what happened,” Seetha said. “Did you get a chance to re-check the seaweed flats?”

“I did not. I will as soon as I can.”

“Not during rest days you won’t, Les. I’m sure you kept a sample of the spoiled seed. I’ll take it up to the main platform lab tomorrow.”

Cold, seaweed-scented water splashed along Seetha’s legs and back. Les held two of hir tentacle hands on the surface, ready to send more after it.

“Rest days apply to humans as well.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll rest. Besides, you’re impossible once you’re out of your routines. You fretting over empty growing space would drive me crazy.”

Les shifted from side to side in the tank, somehow managing not to slop water out. A plurapod version of pacing.

“Whatever this is may incubate and show up elsewhere later. As long as you do not spend all day working, I suppose that is acceptable.”

“Thank you for your approval, my dear Les. I’ll return as soon as possible, solution in hand.”

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