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Curiosity – a terrible mistress indeed.

Phillip DeGranz, youngest Proctor of a prestigious university, meets a generous benefactor with an unwholesome secret.

A loving wife, a mysterious patron, and a myriad of dark secrets.

Will DeGranz fall prey to his own desire for knowledge, or will curiosity set him free in the end?


An Excerpt from Oppositional:

This was the moment when Phillip knew himself to be well and truly trapped. 

In spite of his misgivings, he wouldn’t be able to leave without seeing those experiments for himself, no matter how much he dreaded the revelation. 

This obsessive curiosity had led him into grief more than once, but he could no more resist the compulsion than an eater of opium in some heathen den of vice.

“Where is your laboratory?” he heard himself ask, knowing he should instead run for the doors and freedom. “I would be honored to share in what you’ve discovered.”

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