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Odds and Endings

Odds and Endings

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Visit an enchanted bookstore in a town full of magic.

Chris Ramsey grew up visiting the Odds and Endings Bookstore in Lightning Gap, Virginia.
Wandering the shelves. Finding endless adventures in the pages.
Wishing he helped create the magic.
Years later, Chris gets his chance.
What would you do for the opportunity of a lifetime?

Read this doorway to a series and setting free as part of The Infinite Bard!

Also available in the collection Fantastic Shorts: Volume 2

An excerpt from Odds and Endings:

A Special Odds and Endings Welcome to Our Newest Writer-in-Residence: EllaJane Cole!

Chris had never heard of EllaJane, but that wasn’t unusual. The resident was often a real up-and-comer, and the year spent at Odds and Endings made all the difference. He was normally delighted to play a small role in the launch of a new powerhouse author like his Auntie had before him.

Encouragement, feedback for readings and sometimes works-in-progress. Group lunches and dinners, helping the writer discover and love their home for the year.

But this year, Chris hoped to play more than a supporting role.

He hoped to be part of making it all happen.

For the first time, Chris was going to enter The Contest.

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