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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

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In 1955, one Las Vegas pleasure palace took a risk.

Come see the beginning of something new.

Come see a young dancer find destiny and love.

Come see a casino change the city, and the world.

Come see opening night at The Moulin Rouge.

Originally appeared in Pulphouse #7.


An Excerpt from Moulin Rouge:

“Once The Boys see her, they’re gonna love her!”

“Annalee, this here’s Mr. Schwarz,” Hank said. “He wants a word with you.”

“Miss Annalee, I’m pleased to meet you,” the new guy said, sticking his hand out like I was folks.

“I represent the talent acquisition office of the Moulin Rouge. Not the one in Paris, the new casino and hotel opening in Las Vegas this summer.”

I would fly to Vegas on a TWA airliner, can you imagine?

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