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Morning Glory

Morning Glory

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A Sweet Romantic Treat!

Tabby adores her life in Atlanta. Great nerdy downtown job, lovely house, fabulous friends.

Her long-lost sweetheart back home never crosses her mind. Well, almost never.

Ryan jumps at the chance to relocate to the big city. He loves the busy bakery down on Peachtree Street more than anything else.

Except his first girlfriend.

Will their original ingredients for love mix up sweet and true?

An expert from Morning Glory:

“It smells like heaven in here,” Rob said. “Even when it’s almost empty.”

“You should smell it first thing in the morning,” Tabby said. “When everything is first coming out of the oven.”

Instead of Lou’s smiling face, a great-looking guy walked out of the back, then stopped cold.

His short black hair stood up in front like he’d been running his hands through it. He had huge dark blue eyes, and Tabby thought he’d have a nice smile if his mouth wasn’t basically hanging open.

“Hello?” she said. “Are you still open?”

The guy still looked pale, even for wintertime, with spots of pink on his cheeks.

“I… Yeah. Sure, we’re open. Can I… Not much here to choose from this late, sorry. But we’re open.”

Tabby blinked, and not just because of the guy’s jumbled words falling all over themselves.

Something about his voice sounded so familiar.

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