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Mick of Malvern: Seeker for Hire

Mick of Malvern: Seeker for Hire

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A Hard-Boiled Fairy Tale

Mick of Malvern lives a quiet life. Mainly due to a lack of clients.

That all changes when Lady Gwendolyn enters his office and his life.

An ailing queen. A missing princess. A chance to finally pay his bills.

Quick wits. A custom crossbow. Ten silvers a day plus expenses.

Join Mick on a quest to save his favorite person. Himself.


An excerpt from Mick of Malvern:

“Our huntsman took Princess Ambrosia for a stroll in the forest yesterday morning,” the queen said. “According to his report, someone struck him on the head. When he came back to himself, she was gone.”

“And where is the huntsman?”

“The huntsman is no longer any concern,” Gareth said, his voice cold and flat. “Her Majesty is relying on you to correct his failure.”

My dagger shrank into a needle. No point asking what would happen if I couldn’t bring her back. Besides, this was an important case, for an important client. An important rich client.

“I shall succeed or die,” I said.

“We are well aware of that,” the queen said.

I knew then it wasn’t the princess’ skin I needed to save.

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