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Hacking Cybercrime: Dana Sanderson Short Mysteries

Hacking Cybercrime: Dana Sanderson Short Mysteries

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Where the Dark Web Meets Its Match

Dana Sanderson left her youthful adventures in hacking behind. Settling for a calm and orderly career as a code-cruncher.
But life in the Atlanta cubicle farms brings its own special kind of stress and nonsense.
Then Dana's old skills bring her a chance at a new life. And a chance to bring her fabulous best friend Andre along for the ride.
Join storyteller Kari Kilgore for five hits of clever digital mystery.

Includes five near-future short mysteries: The Sound of Murder, The Fabulous Feats of Billy, Glory Lane and The Humid Holiday, Melting Point, and Three Computer Geeks Gruff

The Sound of Murder
When Self-improvement Turns Deadly

Insurance agency programmer Dana Sanderson only wants peace and quiet at work.
Then the investigation of a rash of suspicious natural death claims lands on Dana's laptop.

The Fabulous Feats of Billy
The Successful Launch of a Disaster

Billy's new tech start-up sits on the verge of greatness. A fantastic reward for leaving his rotten old job in the dust.
Until a miscalculation lands Billy in a nightmare.
Unfortunately Billy's way out puts him squarely in cybercrime expert Dana Sanderson's sights.

Glory Lane and the Humid Holiday
A Strange Case in a Strange Place

A chance to recapture past glory days gone awry. A cybercrime expert forced to endure warm, sunny weather in December. A South Florida holiday with two stressed-out techies in the wrong place at the right time.

Melting Point
An Invisible Countdown to Death

A cookie-cutter suburban house. A strange aroma. A dead body. A suspect refusing to talk. Sometimes a stumped investigation needs a non-standard mind.

Three Computer Geeks Gruff
When the Cat Drags in a Mystery

A cold IT dungeon, full of noisy servers and grumpy workers. Not exactly a natural fit for a cat. Until you consider the blinking lights and all those places to hide. But this cat finds toys more disturbing than cute.

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