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Four-Legged Heroes: When Pets Rescue People

Four-Legged Heroes: When Pets Rescue People

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Dogs Know the Human Heart
George brings his newly rescued dog Sunny in for a checkup. Hoping Dr. Joanne gives Sunny the all-clear.
Joanne loves meeting pets and people. Especially those getting a fresh start.
Sparks fly between them with Sunny’s cheerful help.

An Open Window to Love, or Danger?
A young woman finds a surprise after a long, hard day.
A new roommate in the form of a gorgeous calico cat.
The best friend she never knew she needed until then.
But cats know best when it comes to humans, good or bad.

Setting a Sweet Example
Blue from too many hard changes, Clara invites two new dogs into her life. Sweet girls rescued from a rough start, hoping for a safe place to land.
But her best friend suspects she needs the safe place even more.

An Unlikely Ally
Hildar treasures his solitary rainy season adventures.
Exploring the desert city of Profant while everyone else hides indoors.
Wandering hidden parts of his father’s house most never see.
Then an unusual and wonderful creature surprises him in a forbidden passageway.

Popcorn Knows Treasure When She Sees It
Amber looks forward to visiting her favorite antique shop.
Only to find unexpected change.
Kirstie settles in to her new business, hoping to make friends.
Hard work in a small town.

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