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Fantastic Women: A Dark Fantasy Novella Trio

Fantastic Women: A Dark Fantasy Novella Trio

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Meet Beth Azen, Elenda Murphy, and Mary Robbins. Three women not that different from any other.

From mountains to city, single to widowed. Struggling with ghosts and family heritage. Facing hopes and fears of the future.

Ordinary lives. Ordinary problems.

What happens when ordinary gets more than a little strange?

Includes the novellas Songs in the Mountains, Legacy of the Land, and In the Pines.

Songs in the Mountain:

Hartstown, Virginia, holds stunning natural beauty and a close-knit mountain community. Deep in the heart of Appalachian coal country, Hartstown also suffers more than its fair share of tragedy.

Beth Azen discovers a strange ability that leads her deep into the ancient mysteries of the mountains around her. Mark Hersch finds more than he ever imagined on his lifelong quest to heal the damage left by decades of mining.

Together, they discover the deadly nature of true loneliness.

A gripping tale of sorrow and redemption.

Legacy of the Land:

Elenda Murphy needs change like she needs oxygen.

Constant motion.
Extreme adventure.
Anything but standing still.
Her heart always as restless as her mind.

Then a shattered leg sends Elenda back to the bedrock of family.

An enchanting tale of destiny and free will.

In the Pines:

A ghost train carries a murderous secret deep through the North Georgia mountains. Betrayal colder than the wind blowing through the pines.

A young girl with a burden a hundred years out of time.
An old man’s tale of guilt and regret.
A heartbroken woman caught in a mystery only she can solve.
A boy long past living holds the key.

Can unearthed secrets end the nightmare at last?

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