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Fantastic Shorts: Volume 3

Fantastic Shorts: Volume 3

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Life brings constant change. And some changes alter our life stories forever.

The unseen world beneath our ordinary lives.
An doctor facing a cry far beyond medicine.
A young nurse in World War II Hungary.
A writer fighting a dilemma as old as time.
A modern life on hold, chasing shadowy reality.

Kari Kilgore’s third short fantasy collection explores women facing change.
Long-sought dreams coming true. Long-held secrets coming to light. Surprises welcome and frightening.
Ranging from near-future Chicago to war-torn Budapest, from high tech Atlanta to a snowy Maine beach, join this trip through the strange lands of Kari’s imagination.

Includes The Tech Empath, Sensing the Storm, Kati and the Witches in the Hill, An Adventure Well Begun, and A Linchpin Life.

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