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Fantastic Shorts: Volume 1

Fantastic Shorts: Volume 1

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Facing fear of your own dreams coming true.
Longing to hold on to a beloved best friend.
Wishing to repair a life gone off the tracks.
A lifelong feeling that you never belong.
The secret life of a gorgeous black cat.

Functioning as signposts along the rich and often twisted road of Kari Kilgore’s imagination, each story in this collection explores a different area of fantasy fiction.

Ranging from Appalachia to Atlanta, from love to loss, they all touch on emotions or experiences readers recognize.

The (mostly) women in Fantastic Shorts: Volume 1 may start out in familiar territory.

But in the hands of this talented storyteller, readers quickly learn to always expect the strange.

Included in this collection:

Angela Garcia builds websites to help make other people’s dreams come true. Now one of her childhood dreams waits, ready to come to life. Sometimes your intentions make all the difference.

A beloved family home, abandoned and broken. A so-called adult life, not much better off. Jessica’s hopes of finding her joy fade as soon as she steps through the door. Can facing her fears, and her memories, make Jessica’s life right at last?

The Seeds of Love
Virginia Evans and her best friend Maggie grew up together. From shy girl and wriggly puppy to confident woman and gentle old soul. A touching tale of woman’s best friend.

When you live a double life, you never take anything for granted. Kelly Webb finally feels safe. Until nighttime, when all but Kelly’s name changes. An enchanting tale of the crossroads between science and magic.

Wicked Bone
Pashmina knows which humans to trust. She shows her trust like all cats. With offerings from her hunts. And like all cats, Pashmina keeps her secrets to herself. Find out what happens when Katie learns Pashmina’s favorite secret.

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