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DNA Never Lies: Bending the Code Book One

DNA Never Lies: Bending the Code Book One

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Betty Falconen: the most overqualified low-rent geneticist in Atlanta.

Overwhelmed by old insecurities and struggles to pay the rent.

Her dreams of cutting-edge research withering on life-support.

Betty wanted more from life and work.

Will a stranger in a coffee shop bring the change she craves?

Or prove her fears right after all?

An excerpt from DNA Never Lies:

An offer too good to refuse, but at what cost?

One last surprise waited for Betty: an application to qualify as a contractor for the Baron County Police Department. Specifically, to re-examine evidence from recent crime scenes. A background check, a confidentiality agreement, and…an offer of payment.

“Wow,” Betty whispered, shaking her head.

Payment equal to what she’d earned over the last six months of work her lab assistants could do in their sleep.

Turning Detective Willa Belladeux down cold didn’t seem nearly as easy as it had the night before, but not because of the money.

Well, not only because of the money.

The feeling of being in demand, of being appreciated, carried a lot more weight and influence. The idea of getting to work in the field she’d wanted. Yes, what she’d trained for. What her talents and skills were best suited for.

All of that together got Betty up and dialing the number on the business card clipped to the application before she could change her mind.

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