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Capeless Heroes: Tales of Everyday Saviors

Capeless Heroes: Tales of Everyday Saviors

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Trooper Joan Foyle receives a strange visit.

With the help of a good dog, life escapes death.

Jonlor Napier must choose a path.

Which hero’s road will he tread?

Irene Sandifur longs for something exciting.

When her chance arrives, how will she change?

Dirk Knight lives for the hunt.

Unfortunately, his quarry rarely follows the script.

Danny Elkins enjoys his bachelor life.

Until a beauty arrives to turn that life upside down.

Heroism comes in many forms. Come explore unrecognized acts of courage and the simple heroic deeds of everyday people in these five previously unpublished works by Jason A. Adams.

Includes the following: If You’re There, A Real Hero, Freeing the Spirit, Dirk Knight and the Case of Turpin Turpitude, and Beauty.

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