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Birth of the Makmorn

Birth of the Makmorn

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All that has been, will be again.

Brant, Warrior of the Sunset People. Sworn to protect.

Skala, Wise One of the Sunset People. Sworn to wait, watch, and guide.

Two elderly companions face the return of a menace from before the time of stories.

This time, only Brant stands between the shadows and the Light.

Can strength and loyalty prevail against primordial hate?


An Excerpt from  Birth of the Makmorn:

The folk of Brant’s clan dashed hither and yon, gathering baskets, skins, and other light items that danced in the growing gale. Shadows trembled in the failing light as the clouds engulfed the sun, sending the temperature downward and throwing the village into semi-darkness.

Brant stopped in his tracks, trying to blink the dust from his eyes.

The entire sky was filled with clouds. The sun no longer shone down.

Yet the shadows continued to walk.

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