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Aunties Among Us: Five Tales of Fabulous Women

Aunties Among Us: Five Tales of Fabulous Women

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A Special Bond Like No Other

A wonderful auntie loves by choice. Embracing children not her own, giving the gifts of time, attention, and fun. With a little learning thrown in along the way.
Always receiving more than they give, from ever-changing relationships with fantastic kids that last a lifetime.
Aunties offer a guiding hand and warm hugs through all the adventures life brings.
Come meet all kinds of aunties and the children in their lives. Related or not, across different ages and stages of life. Even a professional auntie to hopeful young airhorse riders.
Join Auntie Moon, aka Kari Kilgore, for five original tales of fabulous aunties.

Includes Patience, and Perspective, Sweet Calm Before the Family Storm, One Simple Word, A Gentle Nudge in the Right Direction (Voices Through Time), and The Foundation of His Past (Misfortune and Magic)

The Choice to Love Unconditionally
A Mirror Held Up With Love
Beth takes her chance to get out of town. Escaping a life that feels like an invisible trap.
But talking to her Great Auntie Lou makes Beth face herself.

Auntie to the Rescue
Beloved Auntie Claudia hears about a crisis from two sides.
Rather than feeling caught in the middle, she treasures the chance to build a bridge.

When Simple Love Saves a Life
Bev answers a call for help from her sweet nephew Jody.
Ready to offer support and love for whatever he faces.
No matter how scary or strange the trouble.

Love that Spans the Generations
An emergency phone call sends Margaux flying to see her niece Chelsea.
But Chelsea's anxiety and fear about new motherhood threaten to drown her own joy.

The Cure for Homesickness
Soren's dream of riding his own airhorse awaits.
As long as he manages his first time away from home.
But his ongoing lack of sleep threatens everything.

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