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An Adventure Well Begun

An Adventure Well Begun

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A Lightning Gap Story

A writer's life in a magical bookstore

One week into her year-long stay as writer-in-residence at the Odds and Endings bookstore, insomnia grabs EllaJane Cole.

Along with a creeping fear of never getting started.

She hopes to catch inspiration in a late-night wander through the enchanted shelves.

Find out if EllaJane discovers her version of "Once upon a time..."

An excerpt from An Adventure Well Begun:

A Beginning Filled with Promise

EllaJane had promised herself, sworn, declared, and asserted, that she wouldn't let the pressure of the wonderful opportunity and all those decades of tradition get to her. Not when she had the chance of a lifetime to make all her dreams, and Chris's as a character, come true.

And still…

Here she stood. Not with writer's block, not exactly. She didn't believe in that, really. She had bunches of ideas and thoughts and plans of what she was going to write during the twelve months stretching ahead, and Chris was excited and willing to help with every single one.

If only EllaJane could find the starting point, the door. The first words to compete with the venerable "Once upon a time…"

Maybe those children's book authors were onto something.

She turned out the last light, rolled the bookcase aside to get to the secret staircase, and crashed right into Chris one step below.

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