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Loanshark Frank Powers lives by two simple philosophies:
Stay loyal to your friends.
You sign, you’re mine.

Go back on your word, and Frank pays you a visit. If he likes you, and if he believes you, the brass syringe stays in his pocket.

Now Frank must become a savior instead of a shylock. Many lives now depend on his strength and old skills shaken free of mothballs.

Gangsters, guns, girls, and greed. Agonist rides a rollercoaster through the dips and dives of romance, rage, and redemption.

An excerpt from Agonist:

Frank felt it happen.

The old coldness crept in, like it used to back when he hurt people for a living. Numbed detachment flowed from his head down to his feet. He felt his face go flat, his eyelids dropping halfway. He straightened, back stiff and hands relaxed at his sides.


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