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A Timely Bit of the Best Bad Luck: A Misfortune and Magic Story

A Timely Bit of the Best Bad Luck: A Misfortune and Magic Story

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When Weakness Becomes Power
Arch Knight tries to hide his dreadful curse of causing bad luck wherever he goes.
Wishing his problem out of his life forever.
He never imagines his affliction helping others.
But horrible holiday visitors give him a chance to shine.
Will Arch rise to the occasion and rescue his family?

Also available in the collection A Tapestry of Holiday Tales: Winter Adventures from the Odds and Endings Bookstore

An excerpt from A Timely Bit of the Best Bad Luck:

A Misunderstanding Too Vast to Repair

"That's a remarkably sensible design, Dreyen," Tessa said. "I expect our farmers might want to consider some of those changes before the next harvest season. I'll pass it along to them, and we certainly appreciate you for sharing."
Dreyen shook her head, and Arch saw a mildly disapproving expression cross her face.
"Well of course you wouldn't pass it along to them, Tessa. That would certainly be left to the next holder of Castle Knight. Rick would be more interested in handling modifications to what you do here. You would be best suited to helping improve the habits and procedures in your new home. Wherever that turns out to be, I'm quite certain you'll bless them with new joy and life."
This time Arch covered his mouth with one hand, wondering how both of his strong-willed siblings would respond.
Their mother raised her eyebrows, and their father didn't quite manage to conceal his amused smile.

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