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A Sentient Surprise

A Sentient Surprise

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An excerpt from A Sentient Surprise:

Unexpected Cargo

By the time she reached the end of the hundred-meter-long row and got a glance at ten more just like it to either side, all hopes of salvaging even a handful of food evaporated.

Whoever rampaged through here had taken their time and done a thorough job of it.

She’d just raised her wrist again, meaning to comm the rotten news to Janess, when she caught a flutter of movement to her left.

And a muted whisper of what sounded like high-pitched giggles cut through the air handlers’ constant noise.

“What the hell?” she whispered, crouching and turning that way for a better look.

That giggle hadn’t been any sort of adult, and this was a human-only crew.

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