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A Meeting of Two Renegade Minds: An Odd Society Holiday Story

A Meeting of Two Renegade Minds: An Odd Society Holiday Story

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The Spark of a Kindred Spirit

Father William Hall loves his tiny Victorian Era London parish, and helping those truly in need.
But the endless social obligations of securing funding chafe at his rather stubborn and independent personality.
Then a surprising offer appears, tempting enough to risk scandal.
Will Father Hall accept the chance to change his life?

Also available in the collection A Tapestry of Holiday Tales: Winter Adventures from the Odds and Endings Bookstore

An excerpt from A Meeting of Two Renegade Minds:
The Discovery of a Fellow Independent Spirit

The unusual woman stopped in front of Father Hall, looking directly into his eyes rather than pretending demure postures.
No wonder the bishop had been so sternly disapproving.
“Father William Hall?” she said in a pleasantly deep voice, her French accent strong.
“The very one. How may I be of service to you?”
She blinked, then smiled, transforming her square jaw and pale skin from rather stern to something approaching beautiful.
“I am Dr. Jean Marchér.” She pronounced it Zhon Mar-shay, and Father Hall’s curiosity took over even more of his mind and customary good sense. “Yes, I am perfectly aware that’s normally a man’s name. My parents were far more fond of Jeanne than I, so I changed it to suit me. Since they didn’t protest, no one else has standing to do so.”
Father Hall hesitated for only a second before holding out his hand.

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