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Until Death: Book One of the Death and Redemption Series

Until Death: Book One of the Death and Redemption Series

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Leo Sabov never imagined a day without his beloved wife Maria. Now he faces the rest of his life alone.

After bringing Maria to rest in her native Transylvania, Leo only wants to escape the rumors and superstitions taking over the tiny mountain village.

A former Communist Party boss, a string of unexplainable deaths, and an ancient mama dog force him into mysteries he can’t understand or explain.

Will Leo survive a test even greater than the heartbreaking death of his wife, one with life or death consequences?

Praise for Until Death:

"Until Death is an innovative take on a familiar story, with layers of authenticity stacked on top of love, loss, hope, and death.

Kari Kilgore is an author to watch—her lyrical voice a siren song; her insight, conjured voodoo."—Richard Thomas, author of Breaker and Tribulations

An excerpt from Until Death:

The old mother dog took a few stiff-legged steps forward, more than a dozen of her young following. Her sharp, fast barks were interrupted by low growls. Even from three floors up, Leo could see her long hair rise into hackles from her neck to the base of her tail. She walked forward again, her group in near lockstep beside her.

The shadows in the yard were deep with the sun barely over the towering, fir-covered mountain behind Leo. That had to explain the odd shape moving from behind the log and stone building below.

The inky phantom shifted, seeming to change as it moved, every sight more unsettling than the last.

A puddle of water, a deeper shadow, a slithering snake; a terrified cat, a deformed child, a staggering bear.

Leo leaned forward, drawing breath to call out to the girl walking across the dark green grass, egg basket in the crook of one arm. Whatever that thing was, his guts twisted at the thought of it being so close to her.

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