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Somebot to Watch Over Me

Somebot to Watch Over Me

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Good cooking requires love in the mix.

Matt Giordono hopes to crack the code of electronic love.

His new invention promises to revolutionize home cooking.

It also revolutionizes Matt’s home life.

Will the new love in his world prove a blessing, or a curse?


An excerpt from Somebot to Watch Over Me:

The pomodoro was rich and smooth, not bright and acidic like the canned stuff. The gnocchi had the perfect chewy bite. A sprinkle of basil and asiago finished the whole thing off.

About as far from the personality-less stuff a normal food rep spit out as Manhattan was from Mars.



He licked the last bits of sauce from the fork and tossed it back in the sink. Dropped the starch-resin bowl back in the unit’s RMC.

The gnocchi the NDM had given him was as good as any he’d ever had in a restaurant.

But it wasn’t his Nonna’s gnocchi.

Something was still missing.

It had no love in it.

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