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Happily Ever After in KrampusLand

Happily Ever After in KrampusLand

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Thom’s dream job: working at Janson Park, especially when it transforms from HalloweenLand into KrampusLand.

Thom’s dream girlfriend: Julie, Queen of the Night for Halloween, and all year long in Thom’s mind and heart.

Thom’s worst nightmare: telling Julie how he feels.

Find out what happens when Love finds a way.

An excerpt from Happily Ever After in KrampusLand:

A rising surge of crowd noise let Thom and everyone else know the parade was coming to an end.

The Queen of the Night in her horseless carriage could only be next.

Otherwise known as Julie Howard, Thom’s best friend since she’d moved here when they were both in first grade.

The carriage slowed to a halt, and Thom stepped up to the front without a whole lot of hassle. Several of the other guys and a few of the girls who worked the Halloween season would have been happy to help the Queen of the Night step back down into reality.

Thom couldn’t help but feel a flush of pride that they respected his years of friendship with Julie enough to back off.

He tried to ignore the flutter of hope that she might want him for more than friendship someday.

That flutter had been with him more and more over the last couple of months.

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