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A Real Hero

A Real Hero

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What Makes a Hero?

Jonlor Napier stands at the brink of adulthood.

One parent, a leader of the military.

The other, a leader of finance.

Jonlor wants a different path for himself, but fears what they might think.

Will he follow in their footsteps, or will he write his own destiny?


An excerpt from A Real Hero:

“So, have you considered whether you will go to university after you graduate? Or where?”

“Um. I guess I’ll probably enlist in the Defense Academy.” Jonlor’s stomach clenched, as it always did.

Mister Meriweather studied him the way she’d study a questionable manuscript.

“Are you sure, Jonlor? I’d rather hoped you’d consider my old school, the Aeneid College for Creative Minds.”

He had considered the Aeneid. Of course he had. He’d read every word on their net site. Had half the course catalog memorized. He’d even daydreamed about which order he’d take which classes in. But…


He straightened up in his best cadet ten-hut, clenching his fists against himself.

“I don’t want to dishonor my father by not enlisting, Mister Meriweather.”

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