The Confidential Adventure Club

The Confidential Adventure Club headerWhen you get to the end of a story you enjoyed, do you find yourself wanting just a little bit more? Do you wonder what happened off-screen, so to speak? Do you sometimes wish you could catch a peek of what happened during that long time jump, or when your favorite character was growing up?

Wonder what sparked the story in the writer's mind? Or what location she visited that inspired the setting?

Enjoy photos of cool travel locations and the stories that go with them? Like discovering new writers, books, movies, and music?

Loretta Wicked

Do you love adorable pet pictures? (Yes, we ALL love pet pictures. Also, that's my adorable cat Loretta with her short story Wicked Bone.)

I like all those things, too! And that’s what I want to share with The Confidential Adventure Club.

Exclusive scenes and stories I write to learn about the characters or answer my questions that didn't make the final cut. Bits I write to figure out what happened After The End. Discounts or sales, including special bargains or box sets that are only available to The Confidential Adventure Club.

I'll let you know when a new release is out from time to time, of course, and how you can get it before anyone else. But that won't be the focus on this adventure.

The Confidential Adventure Club is a whole lot more fun than a typical newsletter. I hope you'll jump in with ideas of what you'd like, too.

I won't email more than a couple of times a month at most. And I hate spam as much as you do, so I won't share, sell, or abuse your email address. Ever.

If this all sounds as good to you as it does to me, I’ll see you in The Club!



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