Were-Creatures & Conundrums from The Uncollected Anthology!

Were-Creatures & Conundrums from The Uncollected Anthology!

A brand-new bunch of fantastic urban fantasy tales from The Uncollected Anthology has arrived, packed full of were-creatures and shifters of all kinds!

In Were-Creatures & Conundrums, you'll find eight stories of creatures who look like typical humans much of the time. They walk undetected among us, and generally prefer to stay that way.

Until they don't.

And that's when the real fun starts.

You can buy stories individually, but with writers like Jamie Ferguson, Debbie Mumford, Bonnie Elizabeth, Annie Reed, Rebecca M. Senese, Leah R. Cutter, and guest author Mark Leslie, it's worth picking up the whole collection!

My story "Straying from Her Human Lifetime" returns to Atlanta, where you'll meet Sesha. She appears to be an ordinary real estate inspector, making sure new buyers aren't getting into more trouble than they bargained for. Much like Natasha, who appeared in "Charting the Unseen," part of Mystical Maps from The Uncollected Anthology. She makes an appearance here, too.

But Sesha's special abilities that let her find hidden problems that even the most meticulous investigator might miss take center stage in this tale.

An Ordinary House with a Deadly Secret

Sesha brings unusual skills to her job as a home inspector.

An ability to see and sense what others miss.

But one house keeps secrets even after she shifts into her true self.

Can she discover the truth before it's too late?

Part of Were-Creatures & Conundrums, an Uncollected Anthology

An excerpt from Straying from Her Human Lifetime

A Supernatural Level of Job Security

A shiver of anticipation let Sesha know her flesh and senses were more than ready to jump into the mystery, but that would have to wait until Natasha departed.

Mappers might be plenty familiar with their own skills, and willing to call in help from other unusual talents when they needed to.

That didn't mean they wanted to hang around to witness what those talents did when it came right down to it. And Sesha for one wasn't especially into show-and-tell.

At least not at work.

"I'll be glad to take a look," she said. "Did you get a feeling about any particular area on this plane of reality that I should focus on?"

Rather than looking guilty or trying to make up for feeling like she'd failed, Natasha grinned.

"I wish I could say I did. But the block or knot or whatever it is kept me from seeing that clearly. I do know how much you love a challenge."

Sesha grinned back, and in her excitement, she had to remind herself to keep her face on the human side of the equation.


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