The 2024 Fantasy Steampunk Bundle!

The 2024 Fantasy Steampunk Bundle!

A lot of steampunk stories fall under the Science Fiction genre. After all, most of SF is extrapolation from what we have now. Writers often take what we see around us and extend it forward.

For example, everything from fully automated cars to holograms to vast spaceships have their start right here in the real world.

The fun of steampunk is it first goes into the past, usually the Victorian Era in England, and does the same with existing technology of the time. That's how you get tales that are both historical and futuristic at once, with steam power driving incredibly advanced airships, computers, and even robots.

Now imagine that historical fiction taking steam power and adding a delightful fantasy twist, and you've got the adventures gathered in The 2024 Fantasy Steampunk StoryBundle!

The 2024 Fantasy Steampunk StoryBundle

In my novel Protected by Means of Magic, that means starting with a foundation of the incredible clockwork toys and gadgets that were popular in that era, then adding in a generous dose of magic. And the real but no less amazing magic of friendship powers the story forward through the streets of London, with a frightful foe in hot pursuit.

But the best part about StoryBundle is for only $20 you'll get my novel plus NINE more books by some amazing authors!

With novels by Gail Carriger, Michael W. Lucas, Christine Pope, Richard A. Kirk, Colleen Gleason, J. Daniel Sawyer, and an exclusive Fey adventure from Kristine Kathryn Rusch that won't be available anywhere else until August, you'll have a wonderful batch of longer reads to choose from.

Then you'll get not one but two books of short stories for when you're ready for quick escapes, with Clockwork Universe - Steampunk vs. Aliens from Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, and Fiction River's Alchemy and Steam, edited by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

The only catch is this fantastic StoryBundle evaporates in just over thirteen days, so be sure to grab yours while you can!

The 2024 Fantasy Steampunk StoryBundle
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