It's an April Shower of Imagination!

It's an April Shower of Imagination!

Spring has sprung, so now it's time to spring into a brand-new monthly bundle of fiction fun!

April is a month full of questionable weather predictions, especially here in the Appalachian Mountains. Flip-flops and t-shirt days? Got 'em. Hard frosts? Got those too. Snow? Could be.

And so this month's bundle contains four stories that each offer a different flavor from the feast of fiction.

Also check out Kari Kilgore's groovy photo of a large-flowered bellwort from the trails in our town's new state park!

Spiral Publishing's April Reads with a photo of a flower

As April is a breezy month, you'll start off hiking through the desert in Kari's story An Impossible Desert Flower, where a scent out of time wafts to Connie on the winds of time.

Next up, you'll travel with Jason A. Adams back to 1943 and Vive l'Amour, following John as he meets Josette and her band of French Resistance fighters. And a few far less friendly gents.

All kinds of fun follows with Kari's story Making a Change for the Stranger, the first case for Deb Powers, Otherworldly PI, when a search for missing tools turns up something a lot more interesting.

Finally, a quick trip to the not-so-distant future brings you to Matt Giordano's apartment in Jason's Somebot to Watch Over Me. Matt has just invented a new kitchen gadget. A gadget that starts with knowing how to cook just like Grandma used to and goes from there.

You can grab all four of these stories at the deeply discounted price of $4.99! No fooling, once the first of May rolls around, all of them together will cost $11.96.

So get your hiking boots and secret identities ready. Dust off your magnifying glass and your best mixing bowls. Come dance in the April showers with some of our favorite fictional friends.

We hope you enjoy our April Reads, and we'll see you with a new bunch of tales next month!

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