A Bundle of Unpredictable March Reads!

A Bundle of Unpredictable March Reads!

Since the transitional month of March brings all kinds of conditions, from snow to sun to flowers to thunderstorms, our special March Reads bundle brings a variety of stories!

You'll visit one of the oddest parts of Atlanta with Kari Kilgore's story Little Five, and discover just how deep the weird goes in a most unusual city.

Then Jason A. Adams brings his own fantastic twist to their old stomping grounds with The End of the Rainbow, where you'll meet the diminutive folks who really run the city.

Next Kari sets her focus on their native Appalachian Mountains of Virginia in The Definition of Crime, with a crime tale featuring a private investigator searching for a missing person no one wants to find.

And finally Jason adds another Appalachian tale with Resurrecting Ruby, all about those who care for the guardians of the land.

Don't miss your chance to stock up on tales suitable for an escape no matter what March's unpredictability brings!

You can grab all four of these stories at the deeply discounted price of $4.99! No fooling, once April 1st rolls around, all of them together will cost $9.96.

We hope you enjoy our March Reads, and we'll see you with a new bunch of tales next month!

Happy March, and Happy Reading!

Little Five: A Terminalia Story

Resurrecting Ruby

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