A Brand-New Batch of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem!

A Brand-New Batch of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem!

This time around the theme is Betrayal, and my story "A Thieving Rescue" fits in perfectly.

You'll meet Paul as he powers through a tough stretch of his college years using pure determination and leaning on the support of his best friend Tammy. But Paul's strength and everyone else's take a hit when an unusual crime spree shocks their small, tight-knit campus.

There are often threads of real life woven into my stories, but this one takes a more direct inspiration. My own college days featured the theft in this story, and it was every bit as puzzling. In fact, it was so bizarre that I knew it would turn up in fiction someday.

Pick up your copy of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem: Betrayal, and you'll also get fantastic stories by Joslyn Chase, Diana Deverell, Robert Jeshonek, Chris Chan, Annie Reed, donalee Moulton, David H. Hendrickson, and Leah R. Cutter!

Even better, if you want to make sure you never miss an issue packed full of stories that are so good, they're criminal, MCM now offers subscriptions!

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